Housekeeping Restored

Keeping things organised and arranging them in separate compartments are the simplest ways in which to avoid cluttering. The more things are kept
neat and dust proof, the more an apartment look spacious and welcoming. There are various quick and relatively cost effective ways in which you can
give your apartment an instant facelift. AVS ORCHARD shares some of them with you.   

  • You can create focal points by using a central flower arrangement or a work of art, thereby bringing colour to an otherwise sombre flat
  • An oversized, ornate lamp or flower arrangement can give a casual dining room an elegant touch
  • Always place big objects in open surroundings and small objects in closed ones to maintain the scale of the interior
  • Try grouping odd numbers of objects together, such as three vases or five pictures, which can give an impression of balance and break conformity
  • Use plants to liven up the area. A simple bamboo shoot bunch in a glass bowl can bring an oriental, fresh feel to a drawing room
  • To avoid paper documents such as receipts and notes lying around, keep a separate tray for them or use magnets especially for messages and shopping lists
  • Use hallways and space around the staircases to display pictures
  • A single vase or lamp can liven up even a simple, small room
  • Always keep clutter out of sight by the use if streamlined closets and multi-panelled cupboards that can be cleverly hidden from view
  • Check for things you have not used for a year and dispose them, very importantly, medicine cabinets. Throw away anything that is past its expiration date. The same applied for cosmetics