Safety Re-enforced

A home is more than an assembly of your possessions in an apartment with a promise of being a safe heaven for your children and pets. Accidents
have a way of springing themselves upon an unsuspecting you and your family. AVS ORCHARD brings you some simple ways to
accident-proof your apartment.

Child Proof

A young child can bring in lifestyle changes including making your home baby-proof. Adequate care can make that difference in your flat when it comes to keeping your baby safe. Keep lower shelves empty and sharp objects in drawers out of reach of young children

  • Remove small show pieces like figurines etc and keep them in closed show cases. Also, remove all ashtrays from the common areas where the child spends maximum time
  • Always attach safety catches and locks on cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, bathroom, and any other area of the home where potentially hazardous materials are stored. Install magnetic cabinet and drawer locks, which will foil a baby's attempts to open a cabinet
  • Ensure the plants in your apartment are non-toxic. Similarly do not allow any toxic substances to lie around the house in the form of plastic decorations
  • Use lamps that have cords which are along the walls or concealed to ensure that the child does not play with them
  • Ensure that all electric plug points in your flat are above a little child's reach. And for those that are not, use outlet covers and plates on the electrical sockets to help prevent electrocution
  • Decorative and fragrant candles pose a serious fire hazard, even though they do brighten up apartment interiors. They are best avoided when little children are around
  • Children love crawling into spaces, so the best choice is to lock chests that are low or keep drawers with lightweight and removable tops
  • If you have blinds, constantly tie up the ends of the blind cords or attach tassels and leave them at a height that cannot be reached by children
  • Always use safety gates to prevent falls from stairs inside or outside the flat
  • You may use window safety guards and safety netting to prevent falls from windows, balconies, and landings. Similarly ensure that spaces in the grill and staircase banisters are not large enough for children to stick their heads into
  • To prevent injury from sharp or rough edges, you may use corner and edge guards available for furniture and for window ledges available in both clear and colored options to meet the decor needs
  • Install rubber stoppers at the top of all your doors, including closet doors. These will prevent the door from shutting all the way and trapping the baby's fingers
  • Do not drape surfaces with cloth and place objects on them as children may pull the cloth to hoist themselves up
  • Install smoke alarms and use a cordless phone, so you have flexibility or movement and a cord free environment for kids

Pet Proof

In addition to most of the tips to child proof homes, consider the following for your pets.

  • Always hide electric chords, as most pets especially in their teething stages eat through the chords and are usually in for a shocking mouthful
  • Things in the trash can be superbly attractive to pets, no matter how well fed, so opt for tightly closed trash containers
  • Slippers are a favorite form of chewing gum for puppies in particular, so keep them in bags or in locked closets
  • Treating your dog to a stylish pet bed will keep shedding contained and similarly keeping an allotted space for any pet can help create a sense of neatness

All Round Safety

To ensure the overall safety of our home and do away with avoidable hazards, here are some handy tips.

  • Rearrange furniture closer to switches or move lamps closer to beds and seating areas. Lamps or switches located close to a bed or seating area are helpful when you get up at night
  • Always have at least one telephone in your flat where it can be easily accessible in the event of an accident which would leave you unable to stand. In case of an emergency, it is important to be able to reach the telephone without getting out of bed
  • Arrange furniture so that outlets are available for lamps and appliances without the use of extension cords. If you must use an extension cord, place it on the floor against a wall where people cannot trip over it
  • People can trip over objects especially near stairs, so remove all objects from the stairway including draping carpets and any such cloth on the banister
  • Purchase rugs with slip-resistant backing and ensure that they are never placed near doors or points where people move in or out in a hurry.
  • Install safety bars in showers where slipping is a very possible reality Similar installations in balconies situated at a height is also advised. Rubber mats in the bathrooms also help in case the floor is wet and slippery.
  • Always keep electrical equipment away from wet objects or containers that hold water like jugs and flower vases.
  • Do not place a burning candle near a curtain or loose fabric especially if the apartment windows are open.
  • Always store items in the right containers especially medicinal products and inflammable materials. Check the expiry date on all medicines.
  • Improperly grounded appliances can lead to electric shocks, so check with your service person or an electrician if you feel the need