Space Redefined

Space management in your apartment can feel like rocket science especially when you are juggling life outside of home design. Home spaces may
seem inflexible, but that is only because you may be unsure of how and what needs to be done to trick the mind into believing more than what meets
the eye. This easy arrangement of factors and smart understanding of the elements that enhance or detract from the home area can well benefit
your sense of space.

Furniture Placement

  • Leave the highest traffic areas in the apartment open for movement. For example, the pathway from a room's entry to the closet, table or even the shelf or cabinet should be uninterrupted
  • Stools and benches that double as tables give extra space in living areas for laptops
  • Moving furniture away from the walls will show up more floor space and make the room appear bigger as the eye is lead to the room's centre instead of the corners
  • Use corner cupboards to maximize unused space in the corners. However, it is best to avoid overhead cupboards in sitting or sleeping areas as they shorten the space and create a claustrophobic atmosphere

Visual Illusion

  • Mirrors can make a walled-in space look larger. You can use them in your flat's lounge area or the corridor
  • Windows can have the effect of expanding a room if an eye-catching object like a statue or plant is placed in front of it
  • The right patterns can give visual illusions of extending space like horizontal patterns and vertical patterns to help the height of the room
  • Light colours like white with a pearly finish gives the room, and ultimately the whole apartment, a larger feel
  • Placing a picture in the centre of a wall to draw the eye away from the edges of the room can distract the attention from the room's boundaries
  • A room's skirting boards can be painted in the same colour as the wall-to-wall carpet in order to make the floor appear bigger

Lighting Tricks

  • Table or hanging lamps can highlight a room's appearance. This can be done even in the flat's balconies
  • Light fixtures like wall washers emphasize vertical surfaces and can be used to draw attention to special areas in a room, like frames pictures or fireplaces. Wall washers also help give a softer look to a room
  • A room can appear taller by the use of vertical light beams and low hanging pendant lights